Hope and Health

hope-and-health-google-plus-coverEight weeks could make a big difference

Do our New Year’s resolutions need a boost? Are we looking for a new way to live life? Are we tired of trying yet another diet, another fast-fix for old problems?

Welcome to The Homes of Hope Hope and Health Discussions:

What’s different here? The program is

  • Not a diet but we can definitely lose weight.
  • Not doctor’s appointments, but we’ll get prescriptions for our health.
  • Not a health clinic, but we will be advised to see our doctor.
  • Medicine will be continued, but we may discover that it’s not needed.
  • There are no sponsors; we’ll make decisions for ourselves.
  • Yes, there is a pattern to follow – -but it’s not a “one size fits all” plan.
  • No guilt if we don’t work the program — but better health if we do.

How will we know if we’ve been helped?

We’ll think more clearly, be happier, have more energy, sleep better, look better, and be sick a lot less. Further documentation that we have improved will come if our doctor says we are better.

A home environment can be a safe place to grow, even a place to start over– a home where there is Hope and where we can share ideas and learn new ones.

The cost? No cost – except our time – for eight weeks.

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